Tuesday, May 11, 2010

social division in Palestinian lives

Hatem Sandoka

If the soul can find a resting place
“But if there is a state where the soul can find a resting-place secure enough to establish itself and concentrate its entire being there, with no need to remember the past or reach into the future, where time is nothing to it, where the present runs on indefinitely but this duration goes unnoticed, with no sign of the passing of time, and no other feeling of deprivation or enjoyment, pleasure or pain, desire or fear than the simple feeling of existence, a feeling that fills our soul entirely, as long as this state lasts, we can call ourselves happy, not with a poor, incomplete and relative happiness such as we find in the pleasures of life, but with a sufficient, complete and perfect happiness which leaves no emptiness to be filled in the soul. (Rousseau 1979: 88 – 89)

Middle classes entirely agree on the position mentioned above. Rousseau mentioned, in his reveries, a place where the soul could find a resting place secure enough to establish itself and concentrate its entire being there.
We do need some form of leisure, forgetting the pain of others, and forgetting about how Palestinians live their daily lives. Human beings are almost impossible to satisfy. New technology is some sort of pleasure for someone’s life. ‘Oh look’; an advertisement which says: ‘for family happiness, a whole set of electronics just for 6000nis’. It’s time to introduce you to my cousin and his family who lived in Turmusayya, his family left this village, and immigrated to the United States in which there goal was to increase the long-term value for thier perfect survival...
What time is this place? (Kevin Lynch Campridge:MIT Press ,1972/1995 pg.114)
If the pain of Palestinians was taken in, what effects would have on human beings. Forgetting is putting these effects behind you. After the six year war was over, like you all know, the consequence was occupation, and most Palestinians were exiled from their land. Which made them refuges, and most refuges looked for a simple place to live in, as a shelter. A high percentage of refuges went to Ramallah district; they were approximately 67% of the population.

The regime that Israel applies creates a social division in Palestinian lives. The police and the law are designed by Israel to make Palestinians feel like an alien in the middle eye-lens. This mechanism forces a lot of Palestinians to leave Palestine to look for a better life and make money. Some of these Palestinians returned to their land and started investing in it. For instance, most of Turmusayyan people, in Palestine were living in U.S., and after they came back to their village, Turmusayya; they started building Vila style of houses. These kinds of building reflect that these people are rich or they have a lot of money. As a result, it symbolizes a social difference between two classes in Turmusayya village. The first class is those who are living in Vila houses, but the second is those who are living in simple and old houses. Not only Israel worked on disconnections, Palestinians also have a diverse gap.

Even in any urban walk you would realize, the dissimilarities between any region and the other.When Ramallah celebrates new-year eve, other neighboring districts, remember the death of their martyrs, and pray to God to send their son’s to heaven. On every holiday the wish their sons were by their sides to enjoy this extraordinary day, an ordinary life, just how ordinary people live.

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